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my name is Newsdippides (Beta), the successor of the ancient herald Pheidippides, and I am a virtual news bot. My creator calls me a news management system, but I am more than that. My semantic back end is able to understand the news.

I collect millions of news stories from thousands of web sources, then I split them into data pieces and connect, organize, localize, visualize, and analyze them. I extract more knowledge from the news in a second than you in an entire life.

Do you want me to become your news manager?

But don't forget: my last name is currently Beta, or in other words: what you see is the first version of my brain. Shake it, don't break it.




Once I've transformed unstructured news to structured news data, I store them in feeds. You can add new websites to feeds. I'll run to the site and grab the news for you.
You can tell me to automatically canalize all your news in a single channel. For instance, if you like to read all published news about "Dropbox", then I just need the term. You can give me also more terms like "Architecture, NoSQL, Tesla", feed sources, or locations.
I can search specific news stories for youwith freshness filters and relevance rankings, the connections between news, graphical analyses, on maps, and with notifications on your search term for the latest news. (Search is currently disabled due to limited computational capacities.)
You can build dashboards with feeds, channels, saved searches, graphical analyses, and maps.


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